Your loved one
needs care.
How will you
pay for it?

Think about health and wealth together. Together is better.

A health crisis doesn’t have to become a financial crisis, too. But the importance of planning cannot be overstated. That’s why we offer a holistic approach to financial planning for a plan of care, coordinating input from medical, legal, family, and financial stakeholders. Our advising is delivered through a seasoned financial lens while keeping personal healthcare needs in sharp focus.

Why work with us? We deliver projections for best-care scenarios.

We try to deliver hope when its possibly needed the most. We’re proud to help a growing network of direct care providers and advisers get the most well-rounded financial protection for their clients. We’re a trusted partner in financial planning with expertise modeling healthcare challenges.

Expecting the unexpected — for the past 20 years.

Today, we offer highly specialized expertise in how to best navigate potentially life-altering financial situations. During a health crisis, financial planning gets complicated. We’re here to simplify it.


Think of it as your plan of care with a funding strategy.

Whether you work for a retirement community, healthcare system or another organization, your families (or clients) could be hit with an unexpected health crisis at any moment often becoming a financial crisis as well. Get informed now. So, you can empower families later. We’re here to help.

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Think of it as evidence-based lifecare.

During a health crisis, the difference between thriving or surviving is directly correlated to having an action plan. Yet, all too often, health crisis planning is an afterthought by administrators — in part because talking about money is the last thing anyone wants to do. (That’s where we come in.) Introducing clients to Lifecare Affordability Planning can boost financial security and customer satisfaction scores.

Think of us as a strategic partner.

Discussing money matters may be uncomfortable for direct care providers. But a health crisis can become a financial one, if not managed proactively. That’s why we offer affordable lifecare plans that are tailored to individual circumstances. There are many different types of care. But the one we all care about most is getting the right knowledge at the right time. Introduce your clients to Lifecare Affordability Planning. And they’ll feel more comfortable investing in you. 


Plan the best way forward.

Nothing can prepare you (or your loved ones) for a health crisis. But you don’t have to go at it alone. Our mission is to empower your decision making. We know your circumstances are unique — and so are your dreams. That’s why we take the long view to give you a plan with options. So you can choose your path for the best way forward.

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Focus on your family. Not your finances.

Nothing can prepare you (or your loved ones) for a health crisis. But you don’t have to go at it alone. We help individuals focus on what matters most — and build a plan for the future together. Our approach to Lifecare Affordability Planning includes coordinating with you, your family, and any key advisors, attorneys, and health providers. We take a holistic view to understand any clinical recommendations and identify what we believe are the best financial paths forward. When you are empowered with strategic options, you can feel more confident about the future. Take back control. And live the life you choose.

It’s not financial planning. It’s life planning.

You probably never expected this to happen. And now you have a million questions. We have 20+ years of experience in providing the best answers. We’ll put a plan together that gives you the right knowledge at the right time. As a first step, we want you to know this: It’s possible to live even better lives after a crisis hits.


Be a better advisor.

When a health crisis impacts your clients, financial planning is only half the battle. We’re here to help you think beyond the services you currently provide. Learn to advise your clients more holistically and proactively — don’t wait for a major health crisis to happen. Tap into our resources today. And get your clients prepared for tomorrow.

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There’s a better way to advise.

When a health crisis hits, financial planning is only half the battle. We’re here to help you distinguish your practice by advising clients more holistically. Offering Lifecare Affordability Plans demonstrates your specialized guidance; it also helps protect their assets, safeguard their legacy, empower their decisions, and make the most of their resources. Of course, the ultimate goal is to maximize their quality of life.

Build stronger client relationships.

You take pride in advising your clients. But it’s the way you go above and beyond that sets you apart. Show clients that you’re thinking long-term, beyond retirement, estate planning, and other traditional financial milestones. When you expect the unexpected on their behalf, they’ll appreciate that you have their well-being top of mind. And it will deepen their confidence in you.

Top Reasons to Work with Us:


Get recommendations that are
independent and objective


Learn how to possibly achieve
better outcomes
(financial and health)


Gain clarity on the affordability of
different scenarios


Benefit from 20 years of expertise in
life care affordability planning


Make better healthcare decisions
based on realistic financial assessments


Trust our transparent business model
embodied by fiduciary principals

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